About Us

Why Are We Here

iGrok creates SW or HW/SW solutions for medical devices and related applications

Our products rarely carry the iGrok name.
Instead we measure our success by how proud our partners are to put their own name on our contributions

“iGrok” derives from “image understanding.”

The word “grok,” meaning to understand completely, comes from the Martian language in Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, but has since been incorporated into English.

Clinical Applications for Advanced Technology

iGrok’s portfolio of advances in image processing, knowledge representation, machine learning, rapid search and optimization work in concert to create powerful, intelligent solutions for medical image understanding.

Improving Cancer Care

Our first generation of tools were driven by new treatment-time imaging systems which promised to dramatically advance physicians’ ability to track clinically significant changes during a course of radiation therapy. Though gigabytes and gigabytes of new data and the many hours a day of physician time required to analyze it, made it difficult, at best, to realize all of the potential clinical gains. The iGROK systems automatically analyzed and graphically summarized the new imaging so that physicians could review and explore this wealth of image data in seconds.

Driven by exciting and proprietary new image analysis technology and the conviction that electronic medical record management and analysis will become increasingly critical in providing the highest quality health care in a cost-effective way, iGrok was born. Demonstration of the technology began in 2004, and the company was officially founded in 2006 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh. In the years since we have assembled an incredible talent-base dedicated to our mission and our clinical advisers are among the world’s most respected. Combining our compelling new analysis capabilities with our software’s ability to efficiently organize and visually present and navigate vast quantities of rich, multi-modal medical data, turns a virtually unmanageable terabit torrent of pixels and voxels and numbers, into meaning. We enjoy contributing to the treatment and cure of cancer patients and believe iGrok’s value will be reflected in radiation oncology departments’ efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as through new opportunities to increase cures and avoid complications.

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